Our Adventures



What if breast cancer is just the start of an incredible journey? Take up the challenge of an Amazon Heart Adventure and develop lifelong friendships with other breast cancer survivors from across the globe. Celebrate life and change the world through advocacy, fundraising and local community projects.

This simple message inspired over 200 women from around the world to take on the journey of a lifetime.  Our adventures provided breast cancer survivors with a life changing experience, while creating wider social impact in local communities. For the women taking part, our events were an amazing opportunity to share their experiences with other survivors and further their own journey of emotional and psychological healing after breast cancer. Each event also had a unique social impact, either through direct community service as part of the event, or raising funds for community projects.

Most importantly, they were about coming together, celebrating living life fully and having a fantastic time!

Participants paid their own travel expenses on each adventure, and fundraised to support breast cancer charities and for Amazon Heart Odyssey, our community building projects.

Amazon Heart Thunder

Amazon Heart Thunder were one week, 1,000 mile motorcycle journeys across Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.  Harley-Davidson proudly supported us globally, providing motorcycles for all our riders, as well as riding jackets.

Amazon Heart Odyssey

Amazon Heart Odyssey took groups of breast cancer survivors to Sri Lanka to build houses in the slums in the aftermath of the Boxing Day Tsunami, to India twice to build cottages in orphanages, and to Browning, Montana to build a cultural studies centre for children of the Blackfeet Nation.

Amazon Heart Expedition

Amazon Heart Expedition were trekking events, through the heart of Lord of the Rings country in New Zealand, climbing Mt Hope, and through the red rock canyons of Canyon De Chelly in Arizona.