Amazon Heart Thunder

Amazon Heart Thunder


It took 20 women on 20 bikes 10 days to wake up America.  They think 30 days should cover the world.

In 2004 twenty young breast cancer survivors challenged themselves to a 1,000 mile ride to raise funds and understanding of the disease they battled.  Along the way they made a big impact on the way people with breast cancer are treated and supported, especially younger women.  In the years that followed, hundreds of other women inspired by their example took to the roads across three continents to take their message even further.

Every mile was a celebration of their journey through breast cancer, as well as a powerful inspiration to the thousands of other women diagnosed each year.

Amazon Heart Thunder United States

2004 – Changing Gears – San Diego to San Francisco

2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 – Amazon Heart Thunder – Los Angeles to San Francisco

Amazon Heart Thunder United Kingdom

2005 – Changing Gears – London to Edinburgh

2006 – Amazon Heart/Ladies of Harley Relay Ride – Oxford to Aviemore, Scotland

2007 – Amazon Heart Thunder – Aviemore Scotland to London

2008 – Amazon Heart Cotswolds Weekend Ride Out

Amazon Heart Thunder Australia

2005 – Changing Gears – Sydney to Brisbane

2006 – Amazon Heart Thunder – Sydney to Brisbane

2007 – Amazon Heart Thunder – Melbourne to Adelaide

2009 – Amazon Heart Thunder – Brisbane to Sydney

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