Board Members


Amazon Heart was an international movement, operating globally through incorporated Amazon Heart non-profit organisations in the US and UK, and partnerships with other breast cancer organisations in other countries.  We gratefully acknowledge the support of Amazon Heart adventure participants who stepped up after their journey to take on leadership positions on the Boards of our international foundations.

Amazon Heart Trust UK

The Amazon Heart Trust in the United Kingdom was established by three breast cancer survivors who participated in our first Amazon Heart Thunder ride in the UK in 2005, Heather Chapple, Jacqui O’Keefe and Alison Self.

Amazon Heart Foundation US

The Amazon Heart Foundation in the United States was founded in January 2007.  The Board of the Foundation was made up of two founding participants in the first ever Amazon Heart Thunder ride, Rhonda Witharm and Stacy Thayer, who continued their involvement as volunteers and adventure participants since that first ride!  The third member of the Board was Amazon Heart founder, Megan Dwyer.

Amazon Heart Foundation Australia Ltd

Amazon Heart Foundation Australia was founded in 2008 as an incorporated non-profit organization.  The Board of the Foundation was made up of 5 breast cancer survivors and past Amazon Heart adventure participants, two of whom, Marie Fox and Jo Parry, took part in our very first adventure in 2004! Our other Board members were Amazon Heart Founders Meredith Dwyer and Megan Dwyer, and past participant in our Australian and UK rides, Suzanna Ochse.